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Vehicles, Moving, Transport, Supply

Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Admoni 2000 Cement transport Oranit
Electric Bikes Electric and folding bicycles Ariel
Amitai Transport Minibus transportation Kiryat Arba "Luxurious 20-seat minibus, stone-proof"
A.S. Moving Moving, distributing merchandise Kedumim
Bar Transport/Barashi Transport Taxis and minibuses Ma'aleh Adumim and Gush Etzion In Ma'aleh Adumim - minibus service. In Gush Etzion and Beitar Elite - taxi station and minibus service
Dudu Towing Towing, buys vehicles for parts Karney Shomron
Ha'imperia Ha'chadasha ("The New Empire") Trash removal Ariel Mitspe Yericho
Hadar Moving Moving Kochav Yakov "Convenient prices, Hebrew labor"
Gav Ha'har Moving Moving and storage Beit-El
Mensch-Mango Moving Moving Settlements in the Jerusalem area "Hebrew labor only"
Keren David Moving Moving Settlements around Jerusalem "Hebrew labor only". Also operating in Beit Shemesh
24 Moving Moving nationwide Modi'in Elite
Efrat Transport Transportation Efrat
Hilerio Transport Transportation Elon Moreh
Judea and Samaria Transport and Moving Taxis and deliveries Rimonim
Ze'ev Cohen Taxis and Transportation Special taxi for 6 passengers Mitspe Yericho "Personal and gracious service, only Jewish, Sabbath-observant drivers"
Hanan Transport Ma'aleh Adumim Transportation and tours Ma'aleh Adumim
Hetz Deliveries, Moving and Distribution Deliveries Samaria area
Lian Moving Moving Ariel "Wholly Jewish team"
A.S.L.I Moving Ltd. Movers for companies and businesses Geva Binyamin
Moving with the Leaders (Movilim eem Ha'movilim") Moving Mitspe Yericho
Mona Tours Gush Etzion Sale and leasing of mobile homes for any purpose Gush Etzion
Beitar Taxis Taxis Beitar
Moniyot Derh Heretz Ltd. ("Derech Eretz Taxis") Taxis for intercity travel Geva Binyamin (Adam)
Ariel Garage Licensced garage Ariel
Ofra Garage Mechanics, maintenance of all types of vehicles Ofra
Tapuach Garage Garage for all types of vehicles Kfar Tapuach "Hebrew labor only"
Stern Warehouses Storage and moving Susiya
Meitav Car Rental Car rental "Car rental in the Samaria Mountains and Binyamin, from Ofra to Hebron Mt., Sabbath-observing company"
Mordechai the Mover Moving}} Ateret
Mitgalgelim Transport Gush Etzion
Nituv Ltd. Barkan Moving Barkan industrial zone
Nathan Levy Transport Transportation Gush Etzion
Supergas Judea and Samaria Gas in canisters and central gas Kedumim
Avoda Ivrit Hovalot ("Hebrew Labor Moving") Moving Kfar Tapuach "The work is performed by Jewish workers only"
Chimigag Rooftop cargo bag Produces in the Emmanuel industrial zone, national sales/marketing center: Jerusalem, Ha'melech David
Kvutsat Ha'hovalot ("The Moving Group") Moving Ariel
Caravan La'kol ("Caravan For All") Caravan rental Old City, Jerusalem
Beit-El Vehicle Ltd. Meitav garage, mechanic, authorized by insurance companies Beit-El
Ha'shomron Vehicles ("Samaria Vehicles") Car rental Elon Moreh
Bilu Bikes Bicycle repair and sales Alon Shvut industrial zone