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Settlement Businesses that have Folded or Disappeared

Company Product/Service Location Circumstances (1) Circumstances (2)
Abir Thread Industries (Abir Textile) Molitan Ltd./Sabrilon Thread Technologies Ltd./Hadoron Textile Marketing and Agencies Ltd. Sewing threads Barkan industrial zone On 12/1/11 Judge David Mintz of the Jerusalem District Court issued an order of receivership against Abir Thread Industries Ltd. Adv. Guy Atias and Ran Hakim were appointed as receivers for the intertwined companies Abir, Molitan, Sabrilon and Hadoron. Molitan Ltd. which is in receivership is apparently not identical to Molitan Industries 2010 Ltd. which is still active in Barkan industrial zone.
Agam Pergolas Garden and landscaping products Alfey Menashe Do not appear in Dapei Katom, nor in the phone directory. The tel. number 09-7926067 that appears in the Samaria Business Community, is disconnected. A company by the name of Agam Yaron - Pergolas exists in Rishon Le'tsiyon. There is no proof that it is the same company.
Azulay Ceramics Products for the home Beit Ariye Do not appear in any of the settlement directories (Dapei Katom and Samaria Business Community) Company's phone number is disconnected.
Ivgi Maurice Furniture Barkan industrial zone Do not appear in the Barkan directory, Dapei Katom or Samaria Business Community. Phone number is disconnected. Last entry in company's website is from 2012. Still, no concerete evidence of closure or relocation.
Erez Kitchens Manufacturing Adam (Geva Binyamin)/Atarot industrial zone The company was registered in 1998 and was not removed, but does not appear in any settlement directory (Dapei Katom or Samaria Business Community), nor in the list of businesses in the Atarot industrial zone. No phone number is registered to a company of this name
Ariye Plast Plastic bags Ma'aleh Efraim industrial zone The company has been stricken by the Companies' Registrar
Bee Etz Silk/B. H. Silk Ltd./Bee Eitch Silk Artificial flowers Adam - Geva Binyamin The company has double addresses, in the Geva Binyamin settlement and in Jerusalem, yet there is no evidence of its actual existence at either. Company's telephone number is disconnected. Do not appear in Dapei Katom. The Samaria Business Community has a list of businesses (mostly small and local) in the Adam Settlement - yet B.H. Silk is not among them. It is highly likely that the company no longer exists.
Jet Air Bathtubs Barkan industrial zone Relocated to Rosh Ha'ayin and is in liquidation Jet Air bathtubs are currently marketed by the Sparta Spa company which operates in Caesarea and Bnei Brak.
Gecht's Smoke Smoked Fish Elon Moreh As of 2015 Gecht's Smoke no longer appears in the settlement directories and no phone number is registered to them. The Samaria Business Community has a list of businesses (mostly small and local) in Elon Moreh - Gecht's Smoke is not among them. It is highly likely that the company no longer exists.
Shuruk Paper and Carton Does not appear in any directory Company's phone is disconnected
Mavrik Shoe Polish Adumim industrial zone Mavrik Israeli Chemical Industry Ltd. (later Mavrik Industries) was founded in the 1930s in Tel-Aviv, became the largest company of its kind in Israel and in the Middle East, and bought out 28 competitors. Moved to Mishor Adumim settlement industrial zone in 1982. Folded during the second intifada.
Mey Tsurim Water purification systems, mini bars Rosh Tsurim, Gush Etzion Mey Tsurim folded in 2001, during the second intifada. Sahar Water Purification in Holon offers service to customers who still have Mey Tsurim products. The company's registered address is in Kfar Truman. The company is under court-ordered liquidation.
Atlas Sweets Chewing gum Atarot industrial zone Atlas Sweets was one of the major chewing gum manufacturers in Israel since the 1970s. In the 1980s they relocated to the Atarot industrial zone in East Jerusalem. During the second intifada the company faced a crisis. In 2001 it still renewed its lease in Atarot despite the grave security situation in the area, but in 2002 it collapsed and entered into liquidation by the court. In October 2002 the Mastix company from Beit Shemesh purchased Atlas Sweets' equipment and brand.
Hebron Settlers' Carpentry Carpentry Kiryat Arba/Settler enclave in Hebron In liquidation by the court
Gilad Spices Spices Elon Moreh At an irregular general meeting of the Gilad Spices Company on 30.3.2011 a special and unanimous resolution was passed to voluntarily liquidate the company.