Settlement Products Wikia

Settlement Businesses that Export or Maintain International Relations

Name of Factory/Business Product/Service Location Type of Int'l Relations Notes
Achva/Achdut Products include halva, tehina paste, organic tehina, sugarless products, cookies and baked goods, grain snacks, drink syrups Ariel/Barkan industrial zone Products are marketed in the USA, Canada, Venezuela, Britain, France, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, Czech Republic, Italy.

Some packages note address in Tel-Aviv, concealing the company's location in a settlement.

Bar Chairs/Pick Up/United Seats Chairs Barkan industrial zone Company claims that it "markets quality chairs worldwide".
Tura Winery Wines Winery in Rachelim, vineyard near Har Bracha Marketed in the USA, Canada and Britain (under the brand name Mountain Peak") The original name Har Bracha was changed due to being identified with the settlement
Keter Holdings/Keter Plastic Plastic products, home and garden products Barkan industrial zone Keter Holdings comprises 30 companies and factories worldwide. In 2004 Keter purchased two European plastics companies, Curver and Alibert.
Molitan Industries 2010 Ltd. Sewing threads Barkan industrial zone Since May 2010 Molitan has been operating under the ownership of the international Haama Company. Molitan threads are used for the manufacture of well-known brands around the world: Marks & Spencer, Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, Dim, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gap, Levi's, Nike, Brooks Brothers, and more. The company's main markets are Jordan and Egypt.
Super Drink Soft drinks (including the brand Trip) Atarot industrial zone In 2014 the company was sold to investors from South America, The new owners are interested in international cooperation and breaking into the world soft drinks market.
Shamir Salads Salads Barkan industrial zone Products sold in Europe, Russia, USA and Canada
Abadi Cookies/Abadi Oriental Cookies Savory baked goods Atarot industrial zone According to the company, Abadi cookies are sold in 10 countries around the globe, including the USA, France and England
Pillsbury - Shalgal Baked goods Atarot industrial zone Pillsbury is the worldwide brand of the US General Mills company.
Eretz Gshur Olive Oil Olive oil Gshur Won international olive oil contest TerraOlivio in 2010
Tevuot Bar Foods (1997) Ltd./Ha'aretz Bakery Cakes, cookies, gluten-free baked goods, peanuts, coconut Barkan industrial zone Products marketed in Europe and the USA. Products certified "Mehadrin Kosher" and featured in annual fair Kosherfest. Location in Barkan is not mentioned on company's website.
Jordan River Spices Spices Mehola Holds part of the shares of Arava Growers for Export Products sold in Holland, Britain and the USA.
Dates, especially Medjool dates, produced and/or marketed by Jordan River, Yevuley Eretz Bereshit ("Genesis Land"), Tamar Ha'zahav ("Golden Date"), Vered Ha'tamar, Dekel Ha'bikaa ("Valley Palm"), Zorganika N.S. Water and Maintenance Services, Mehadrin. Marketed in Europe under the brand name King Solomon. Dates Settlements in the Jordan Valley, including Nativ Ha'gdud, Bekaot, Tomer, Fatsael, Hamra, Maskiot, Mevuot Yericho, Yitav, Beit Ha'arava, packaging plants in Tomer, Mehola, Gilgal, Beit Ha'arava. Growing dates is a major part of the agricultural activity and the economic basis of the settlements in the Jordan Valley. Medjool is not a brand name, rather a species of dates, originally from Morocco. The dates are exported in large quantities to Europe, the USA and Canada. In recent years efforts have been made to expand exports to Eastern Europe and Russia. The packages of Jordan River seem to be part of a deliberate effort to mislead, since the packages that are designated for export bear no mention of the origin of the products and the only writing is in English and Arabic, with "Orientalist" illustrations that create the false impression that they are Arab products. When marketed in Israel, a sticker is added to the package, noting the origin of the dates as the Jordan Valley.