Settlement Products Wikia

Settlement Businesses that Conceal Their Location - in Advertisements, on Websites, and/or on Packaging

Company Product/Service Location Method of Concealing Notes
Adama Organic tehina Barkan industrial zone The brand is manufactured for Adama (which itself is not located in a settlement) by Achva/Achdut in the Barkan industrial zone, but this fact is not noted on product labels.
Oren Packages/Yoram Packages Paper, plastic and fabric bags, graphic design, printing Barkan industrial zone The company's large and designed website does not mention its location at all. In some other publications an address is given in Bnei Brak.
Achva/Achdut Tehina, halva, sweets Ariel/Barkan industrial zone The factory relocated from Tel-Aviv to Barkan, but some of the labels on products provide the old address only. On products that are marketed in Europe, the address in the settlement is systematically missing from product labels.
Bar Chairs/Pick Up/United Seats Chairs Barkan industrial zone In most of its publications the company claims to have moved to Tel-Aviv. That is also the message on the company's answering machine. Still appears in the list of businesses in Barkan industrial zone, possibly the warehouses and logistics dept. remain there.
Harduf Organic tehina Barkan industrial zone The brand is manufactured for Harduf (which itself is not located in a settlement) by Achva/Achdut in the Barkan industrial zone, but this is not mentioned on the product package.
Yahalom Cleaning Materials Industry Cleaning products Karney Shomron industrial zone The location is noted on the company's website, but not on its products.
Tura Winery Wines Vineyard in Rachelim, near Har Bracha The original name Har Bracha was changed due to its identification with the settlement.
Kerem Natural Food Industries Ltd. Manufactures and imports health foods Barkan industrial zone Labels on products list address in Beit Shemesh, yet company website provides address in Barkan industrial zone. May be brand name for E.M.B. Agricultural Farm, which is also a settlement business
Keter Plastic Plastic products, home and garden products Barkan industrial zone Keter's extensive website lists the addresses of Keter shops all over the country, but does not mention the location of its factory in the Barkan industrial zone. The location was only revealed due to the company appearing on settler websites Businesses in Judea and Samaria, and The Business Community in Samaria, Ariel, the Jordan Valley and Binyamin. The Keter Holdings Group comprises 30 firms and factories worldwide. The group's annual turnover exceeds USD1bn. In 2004 Keter purchased two European plastic companies, Curver and Alibert. In 2014 the company claimed in a letter to European peace organizations that it did not have factories in "territories which the UN defines as occupied". However, Who Profits activists found ongoing activity in the Barkan plant.
Molitan Industries 2010 Ltd. Sewing thread Barkan industrial zone On the internet Molitan lists addresses in Nahariya and Migdal ha'emek, yet conceals its location in Barkan. Molitan is owned by the int'l company Haama. Molitan threads are used in the manufacture of well-known brands around the world. The company exports to Jordan and Egypt.
Meshek Zuriel ("Zuriel Farm") Cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, cheeses, tofu Shadmot Mehola Some of Meshek Zuriel's products are manufactured in the Kadouri industrial zone within the Green Line (Galilee). The labels on its packages lack transparency and do not disclose the origin. Meshek Zuriel is owned by the Central Drinks Co. Ltd. (CBC)
Nitzat Ha'duvdevan Organic tehina Barkan industrial zone The brand is manufactured for Nitzat Ha'duvdevan (which itself is not a settlement business) by Achva/Achdut in the Barkan industrial zone, but this is not noted on the product packages.
Shamir Salads Salads, including the brand Tari Tari Barkan industrial zone The company's website mentions that the factory is "in an industrial zone located in the center of the country" without naming the location. The company markets hummus under the brand name Abu Ghosh, when in fact it is manufactured in Barkan.
Dates, especially Medjool dates, grown and/or marketed by Jordan River, Yevuley Eretz Bereshit ("Genesis Land"), Tamar Ha'zahav ("Golden Date"), Vered Ha'tamar, Dekel Ha'bikaa ("Valley Palm"), Zorganika N.S. Water and Maintenance Services, Mehadrin. Marketed in Europe under the brand name King Solomon. Dates Settlements in the Jordan Valley, including Nativ Ha'gdud, Bekaot, Tomer, Fatsael, Hamra, Maskiot, Mevuot Yericho, Yitav, Beit Ha'arava, packaging plants in Tomer, Mehola, Gilgal, Beit Ha'arava. Medjool is not a brand name, rather a species of date palm originally from Morocco. Most of the medjool dates tht are marketed in Israel come from settlements, yet some originate from within the Green Line or are Palestinian produce. Often it is difficult to determine the origin. Jordan River apparently attempts to deliberately mislead by exporting dates in boxes with no mention of the origin of the produce. Instead, there is only writing in English and Arabic, and "Orientalist" illustrations that create the impression that they are Arab products. When marketed in Israel, stickers are added to the packages noting the origin of the dates as the Jordan Valley.