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Settlement Business Declaring 'Jews Only' Employment Policy

The following list is mainly based on the businesses' own declarations appearing in the settler online directory Dapei Katom (Orange Pages) [1]

Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Olfan Mordechai and Sons Glaziers Kfar Tapuach "Hebrew labor"
Ilan - Kitchens That People Love Carpentry (kitchens) Ariel "Reliable, good service and Hebrew labor"
Eretz Hita - Home Baking Baked goods Kiryat Arba "Hebrew labor"
Beit Tsur Carpentry Kitchen carpentry/accessories: faucets, sinks, counter tops Kfar Etzion/Kiryat Arba industrial zone "Hebrew labor"
Bruce Painting and More Painting and renovations contractors "100%of all work done by skilled and experienced Jewish hands"
Gadot Tree trimming and cutting, garden developing, planting and maintenance Kida "Hebrew labor!"
David Agroniuk - Contractor Frame, construction and renovations contractor Ma'aleh Yisrael "Hebrew labor at competitive prices with gracious and professional service"
Hadar Moving Moving Kochav Yakov "Comfortable prices, Hebrew labor"
Kfar Tapuach Moving/Shmuel Herzlich Moving Kfar Tapuach "Jewish workers only"
Mensch-Mango Moving Moving Settlements in the Jerusalem area "Hebrew labor only"
Keren David Moving Furniture moving Settlements in the Jerusalem area "Hebrew labor only"
Hod Construction Light and industrial building,green building Kida "Hebrew labor"
Handyman Home maintenance, renovations Aley Zahav "Hebrew labor only"
Hercules Moving Moving/carpentry Ariel "Hebrew labor only!!"
Migron Shower Installation Shower installation}} Migron "Hebrew labor"
Tenne Yarok, Amosi Farm Organic olive oil Rotem "Hebrew labor"
Yehuda Antman Aluminum Karney Shomron "Hebrew labor from A to Z"
Kol Bo Ha'kochav Materials for building, plumbing, electric, metalwork, gardening; locksmith services for homes and vehicles Kochav Yakov "Gracious service, Hebrew labor from the heart"
Lian Moving Moving Ariel "Wholly Jewish team"
Professionals 2000 Carpet cleaning Sha'arey Tikva "Hebrew labor"
Madlik Electricity and renovations Elazar "Hebrew labor"
Tapuach Garage Garage for all types of vehicles Kfar Tapuach "Hebrew labor only"
M.M.Metals Nokdim Metalwork Nokdim "Hebrew labor, French-speaking"
David Carpentry Carpentry Shilo "Do you demand Hebrew labor? You've come to the right place!"
Chen Carpentry Kitchens, bedrooms, book shelves, children's rooms Kiryat Arba industrial zone "Hebrew labor"
Nachman Moving Moving Beitar Elite "Hebrew labor"
Avoda Ivrit Moving ("Hebrew Labor Moving") Moving Kfar Tapuach "The work is performed by Jewish workers only"
Yitzhar Earth Works Earth works Yitzhar "Hebrew labor only"
Edo - Gardening and Landscaping Gardening and landscaping Ofra "Hebrew labor!"
Etz Ha'sadeh Buckwheat flour Yitzhar On the pachage: "Produced by Hebrew labor"
Pinchu Electrical and Air Conditioning Advice, installation, sales of air conditioning Kochav Ha'shachar "Hebrew labor!"
Tsarfati Construction Services Building contractor Shvut Rachel (Kida) "Hebrew labor"
Etz Ha'sadeh Flour Flour mill Yitzhar "High quality productio by Hebrew labor"
Givat Sal'it Dates Dates Mehola "Growing and marketing dates without insecticide by Hebrew labor"
Schleppers for Hire Moving "Considerate Jewish workers"