Settlement Products Wikia

Minor Industry, Workshops, Factory Outlets, Services

Company Products Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Olfan Mordechai & Sons Glaziers Kfar Tapuach "Hebrew labor"
Oren Plumbing and Renovations Building additions, renovations Ateret
Aminut Ha'barzel Welding, building support Mishor Adumim industrial zone
Arfitech Firewood Barkan industrial zone Olive and pine wood, wood chips for ground cover, organic compost, wood planks
GaZahav Plumbing, air conditioning, heating Psagot
Gaz-Ad Gas installation Efrat
Gilboa Water Purifiers Installation and replacing filters Neve Tsuf
Home Gas Gas marketing Barkan
Ha'meir Electrical Engineering Electrical engineering}} Shilo
Handyman Home maintenance, renovations Aley Zahav "Hebrew labor only"
Harel Air Conditioning and Heating Heating and air conditioning services Efrat
Harduf General Contractors Light construction and renovations Maskiot
U'paratzta Locksmith Locksmith services Mateh Binyamin/Gush Etzion
Chalom Be'tseva ("Dream in Color") Construction and renovations Ariel
Happy Hands Bookbinding "Yada'im Smechot") Artistic bookbinding Itamar
Yahav Locks Locks Gush Etzion, Beitar, Kiryat Arba
Yehuda Antman Aluminum work Karney Shomron "Hebrew labor from A to Z"
Yoram Parquet Sales and Installation Parquet sales and installation Ariel
Kol Bo Ha'cochav Materials for construction, plumbing, electricity, metal work, landscaping, locksmith services for cars and homes Cochav Ya'ir "Gracious service, Hebrew labor from the heart"
Madlik Electricity and Renovations Electricity and renovations Elazar "Hebrew labor"
Stern Warehouses Storage and moving Susiya
Malter Systems CC Cameras, alarms, intercom Elon Moreh Susuiya
M.M. Metals Nokdim Welding Nokdim "Hebrew labor. French speaking"
Shamai Locks in Jerusalem and Nearby Settlements Locksmith services Har Adar Operates in the settlements near Jerusalem and in Mevaseret Tsion
A.A. Bordo Welding Metalwork, sheet rock, renovations Livnat
Eitan Lavie Welding Welding Beit-El
Ha'har Welding Metalwork, including artistic frames Efrat
Pomp Welding Metalwork Alfey Menashe
Miktsoanim 2000 (Professionals 2000) Carpet cleaning Sha'arey Tikva "Hebrew labor"
MarsDraw Ltd. Translation, technical support and consultation for the wood industry Efrat
SAN Solutions Fire and smoke detection and extinguishing systems Beit Ariyeh
Sun City Solar Systems Installing home and commercial solar systems Elon Moreh
Supergas Judea and Samaria ("Supergas Yehuda ve'Shomron") Supplying gas in canisters and central gas Kedumim
Smiley Shirt Printing Printing on shirts for youngsters Kedumim
Sky Olam Ha'nikayon Ltd. ("Sky, World of Cleaning" Cleaning products, disposable utensils, paper plates Ma'aleh Adumim
Moshe Machining Metalwork, machine parts Aley
Firewood - Neguhot Firewood Neguhot
Pinchu Electric and Air Conditioning Electricity and air conditioning Kochav Ha'shachar "Hebrew labor!"
Freiman Artistic Signs Signs Beit El
Radan Trade - Boaz Antin Projectors, bulbs for projectors Dolev
Sagiv Cohen Photography Photography services Aley
Bilu Bikes Bike repair and sale Alon Shvut industrial zone