Settlement Products Wikia

Israeli Business Groups and Corporations With One or More Members in Settlements

Corporation Company in Settlement Location in Settlement Other Members in Group/Corporation Notes
General Mills Pillsbury - Shalgal Atarot industrial zone The American General Mills Corp., whose center in Israel is located in Ramle, produces baked goods of the int'l brand Pillsbury in Atarot.
Central Drinks Co. Ltd./CBC Meshek Zuriel Shadmot Mehola
Hamat/Merhav Lipski/Harsa Studio Barkan industrial zone Zucker & Menkin/Hamat Sanitary Fittings and Castings Ltd./ Hamat Showers In its advertisements Hamas conceals the fact that it holds plants beyond the Green Line, providing an address in Ashdod.
Carmel Holdings (IL) Ltd. Beitili Barkan industrial zone Urban, ID Design, Carmel Carpets, Craftech (carpets), Ikoo Designs
Keter Holdings Keter Plastic Barkan industrial zone Keter Holdings comprises 30 companies and factories worldwide. In 2004 Keter purchased two European plastics companies, Curver and Alibert.