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Gardening and Plant Nurseries

Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
A. Agiv Delivery Ltd. Equipment for agriculture, gardening, maintenance and fencing Revava
Bati Le'gani Gardening Beitar
Eitan Landscaping and Maintenance Landscaping Ariel
Ginun Velia/Elya Zeitman Planning and planting gardens Kedumim
Tekoa Gardening and Watering Ltd. Landscaping
Hemel Michel and Pierre Garden development and maintenance Fatsa'el
Hishtil Susiya - Mashtelat Ha'har Nursery Susiya
Kol Perach Gan Eden Landscaping Ma'aleh Mikhmash "Hebrew labor!!"
Katz Nursery Nursery Selait
Meira Nursery Nursery Kedumim
Tree Nursery Kochav Ha'shachar Trees Kochav Ha'shachar
Nymphea Nurseries Ltd. Nursery Tomer Plants, climbers, fruit trees, decorative trees, citrus and olive trees, palms From 2009 collaborating with Gderot Yehuda ("Judea Fences") and now the Nymphea Nursery's Garden Fence products are based on the metal products of Gderot Yehuda
Etz Ha'gan Garden furniture Esh Kodesh
Atzitzit Gardening products Ma'aleh Shomron
Top Parquet Synthetic grass Ma'aleh Shomron
Compostor Ltd. Compost production and distribution for agriculture and gardening Mesua
Rav Shnati Planning, designing and planting gardens Beit El