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Furniture, Carpentry

Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Adam Color Ltd. Furniture, "Color and wood trading" Barkan industrial zone
Omanut Ha'pergola Home and garden products Aley Zahav Businesses named Omanut Ha'pergola are listed in Jerusalem and in Tel-Aviv. It isn't clear if they are the same company as the one in Aley Zahav, or different companies with the same name
Autentika Ltd. Wood Furniture Wood furniture Mevo Horon Also has address in Rishpon
Ilan Kitchens Carpentry/kitchens Ariel "Reliable, devoted, good service and quality Hebrew labor"
Inter Etz Carpentry Barkan industrial zone
XMarket Mattresses, beds Barkan industrial zone
Amor Furniture Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Anise Kitchens/Y.D. Wood Industries Kitchens Mishor Adumim industrial zone
A.P. Designs Furniture Barkan industrial zone Offices also in Rishon Le'zion
Beit Tsur/Zur House Carpentry Kitchens Kfar Etzion/Kiryat Arba industrial zone "Hebrew labor"
Beitili/Carmel Holdings I.L.) Ltd. Furniture chain store, carpets and home furnishings Barkan industrial zone Belongs to Carmel Holdings (I.L.) Ltd. Click for notes - Beitili
Bar Chairs/Pick Up/United Seats Chairs Barkan industrial zone Formed by several companies that consolidated. In most company publications claim to have moved to Tel-Aviv. This is also stated in the message of the company's answering machine. Still appears in the lists of companies in the Barkan industrial zone. Possibly the warehouses and logistics dept. are still in Barkan.
Habayit-Furniture From a Good Home Carpentry, furniture Barkan industrial zone
Migron Shower Installation Shower installation Migron "Hebrew labor"
Yoni-Gal Furniture, esp. for children Ma'aleh Adumim
Y. Klikstein Gershon Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Y.S. Shamir Designs Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Keter Plastic Home and garden products, plastic furniture The company's website conceals the location of the plant in Barkan The Keter Group comprises 30 companies and factories worldwide Click for notes - Keter Plastic
Ha'rahit Kitchens Kitchens Barkan industrial zone
Nagaruta (Carpentry) Furniture, esp.kitchens Alon Shvut Also has address in Moshav Aminadav
David Carpentry Shilo Carpentry Shilo "Hebrew labor"
Chen Carpentry Carpentry Kiryat Arba industrial zone "Hebrew labor"
Etz Ba'midbar Carpentry Furniture Kfar Adumim industrial zone
Etzion Carpentry Carpentry Rosh Tsurim
California Marble Ltd. Carpentry and Marble Barkan industrial zone
Olso Furniture Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Etz Ha'gan Garden furniture Esh Kodesh
Poliran/Wonders of Sleep/Factory outlet Beds, mattresses,sofas Ariel industrial zone
Top Parquet Carpets and parquet Ma'aleh Shomron Click for notes - Top Parquet
K.D. Balcony Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Kravitz Writing supplies, office equipment and furniture Nilli Also peripheral equipment, electronics, crafts supplies and gifts Click for notes - Kravitz
Rimon Nagarut Ishit ("Rimon Custom Carpentry") Custom carpentry Aley Zahav industrial zone (Barkan South)
Doron Furniture Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Habracha Furniture Furniture Yakir
Merom Golan Furniture Furniture Merom Golan/Barkan industrial zone
Shilat Furniture Furniture Kedumim
Restorno Furniture repair and restoration
S.B. Pronto Furniture Barkan industrial zone
Chic Design Furniture manufacturing Barkan industrial zone