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Factories/Businesses that have left the settlements

Company Product & Former Location in Settlement Current Location Notes (1) Notes (2) Notes (3)
Intercosma Cosmetics - Atarot industrial zone Ashdod Relocated from Atarot during the second intifada
Ikoo Designs Children's and youth furniture/upholstery - Barkan industrial zone Ashdod/Nesher Firm owned by Beitili, which has additional factories in settlements
Bagel & Bagel Baked goods - Barkan industrial zone Safed industrial zone/Airport City The plant (pretzel bakery) was relocated after the company was purchased by the Unilever int'l corporation
Bar Chairs/Pick Up/United Seats Chairs - Barkan Tel-Aviv The message on the answering machine at the company's registered phone number in Barkan announces that the company moved to Tel-Aviv Further investigation is necessary to determine the location of the company and the finality of the move to Tel-Aviv
Delta Textile Textile, especially underwear - warehouses in Barkan industrial zone Caesarea Delta, a well-known company in Israel, concealed the fact that its warehouses were located in the Barkan settlement industrial zone According to David Hajaj, who was in charge of the said warehouses, they were relocated to Caesarea
Teva/M.B.T. - Biological Laboratories Pharmaceuticals - Atarot industrial zone Pharma giant Teva had its biological lab M.B.T. in Atarot During the second intifada M.B.T. was relocated to Beit Shemesh
Barkan Wines Wines - Barkan industrial zone Kibbutz Hulda The sales office in the kibbutz was opened in 2002 or 2003. The final closure of the winery in Barkan was completed only in 2007 or 2008,, after the Dutch Heineken company purchased Barkan Wines and came under pressure from the civil society in Holland Still maintain vineyard in the Golan Heights
Yardeni Locks/Esteron Locks - Barkan industrial zone Bar-Lev industrial park, Misgav The Yardeni lock company is owned by the Swiss investment firm Enterprise Capital AG, which bought the company from receivership, after Yardeni faced economic difficulties under the management of the sons of the founding families, siblings Dan Yardeni, Daphne Speizman and Shifra Levine.
SodaStream (formerly Soda Club) Home carbonation devices - Mishor Adumim Eidan industrial zone 2001 in the Negev - jointly managed by the Bnei Shimon District and the city of Rahat The company, which manufactures home soda-making devices, was the subject of an international boycott campaign. The company's attempt to recruit actor Scarlett Johansson to conduct a counter-campaign earned immense media attention in Israel and around the world. Following a drop in sales and a drop in the value of its shares on Wall Street, the plant was moved to the Negev in 2014.
Multilock/Rav Bariach Locks - Barkan industrial zone Yavne In 1999 the Israeli Rav Bariach company sold its locks department, which was located in Barkan, to the Swedish Assa Abloy Group; the dept. then became a separate company, Multilock. In 2008 civil society organizations in Sweden and the Swedish church publicized the fact that Barkan was located in the occupied Palestinian territories.As the result of the campaign the management of Assa Abloy quickly decided to relocate the factory from Barkan to Yavne. Media reports about "Rav Bariach leaving Barkan" apparently refer to this event. In fact, at the time of the relocation the plant was no longer owned by Rav Bariach. The manufacture of security doors, the area on which Rav Bariach has focused since selling the locks dept., is done in Ashkelon and Carmiel . There is no information about other Rav Bariach settler factories.
Modan Bags Purses and backpacks - Shaked Moshav Nechalim Production relocated to China
Adanim Tea Herbal teas - Ofra Bethlehem-in-the-Galilee, Upper Nazareth The plant was built in the settlement Ofra, transferred to the Galilee in 2002, as the company expanded and formed international trade relations, especially in France. The company never publicly announced the relocation, and it still remains in the settlement directory Dapei Katom. During a telephone conversation a representative of the company claimed that the company had left Ofra long ago and has no connection to the settlement.