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Companies Not in Settlements, that Market Settlement Products or Use Settlement Raw Materials

Notes: This table does not deal with random marketing of settlement products simply as one product among many on the shelf - rather cases in which there is an established and proclaimed business relationship between the settlement company and the company within the Green Line, especially cases in which companies within the Green Line market settlement products under their own brand names - such as Shufersal Green. Companies that market and export agricultural produce especially tend to conceal the difference between produce from within the sovereign State of Israel and settlement produce (mainly produce from the Jordan Valley settlements) and employ marketing tactics that make it difficult to ascertain the origin of the products.

Corporation in Israel Product Production Company, Production Location in Settlement Notes (1) Notes (2)
Adama Organic tehina Achva/Achdut, Barkan industrial zone Production location is not listed on product package
Anise Health Foods Organic dairy products from Itamar The Anise website lists shops around the country, without noting the location of the chain's management. There is no evidence that this company is located in a settlement. Anise does not appear in the settlement directories Dapei Katom and Samaria Business Community.
Harduf Organic tehina Achva/Achdut, Barkan industrial zone Production location not listed on product package.
Tara Dairy products Golan Heights Dairies
Yotveta Dairy products Golan Heights Dairies
LIV (Live More in Nature) Organic tehina Achva/Achdut, Barkan industrial zone
Ha'arava Growers for Export/Arava Grapes/Arava Spices peppers, grapes, tomatoes, organic products Settlements in the Jordan Valley including Mehola, Gilgal, Nativ Ha'gdud, Na'aran and Ro'i Contrary to the impression created by the name Arava (desert), which refers to the Negev, this company is involved in widespread marketing and exporting of produce. Some of the shares in Arava Growers for Export are held by Jordan River Spices, a company that is located in the settlement Mehola. Arava Growers for Export itself maintains a vineyard in the settlement Roi'i. The company exports produce - including settlement produce - especially to Holland, Britain and the USA.
Mehadrin Agricultural produce, especially dates Mehadrin plays a major role in marketing settlement produce, especially from the Jordan Valley, sometimes through concealing their origin.
Nitzat Ha'duvdevan Organic tehina Achva/Achdut, Barkan industrial zone Location of factory does not appear on product package
Hativ Seeds 2015 Ltd. Dried and sweetened pineapple The company is located in Petach Tikva, the fruit comes from the Bekaot packaging plant.
Shufersal Organic tehina Achva/Achdut, Barkan industrial zone
Shufersal Chickpeas Mia Foods The 1kg package reads "Large, high quality chickpeas, sifted, special production, produced by Mia Foods for Shufersal Ltd.
Shufersal Medjool dates, Dekel Noor Beit Ha'arava Pachaging Plant Brand name: Green
Shufersal/Teva Kastel/LIV/Harduf/Adama All these firms market organic free range eggs from the Gva'ot Olam outpost, Itamar Owner Avri Ran has violently attacked Palestinians and Israeli peace activists
Sasson & Co./Sasson Levinsky Dried fruits from Gilgal Packaging Plant in the Jordan Valley, including Medjool dates, pineapple, bananas, apricots, raisins, etc. The company is located in Kiryat Gat, markets products from Gilgal Sasson also markets products that do not come from settlements. The company is clear about this and notes on every package the origin of the fruit in that package.
Tnuva Dairy products Golan Heights Dairies