Settlement Products Wikia

Businesses that Provide Dual Addresses - In Settlements and Within the Green Line

Note: For the purpose of inclusion here, businesses that provide addresses in settlements in some of their advertisements or websites are considered to be settlement businesses unless proved otherwise.

Company Product/Service Settlement Address Address in Israel Notes (1) Notes (2)
Achva/Achdut Tehina, halva, sweets Ariel/Barkan industrial zone Nes Tsiyona, Tel-Aviv There is no doubt that the factory was relocated from Tel-Aviv to Barkan, yet some of the labels on products provide only the old address. Some product labels list address in Nes Tsiyona.
Amgazit Gas canisters, cooking stoves, camping gear, sports equipment Kfar Etzion Harel industrial zone
Better and Different/Land of Israel Fruit Vegan foods Mishor Adumim industrial zone Migdal Ha'emek, Jerusalem
Mey Tsurim Water purification systems, mini bars Rosh Tsurim, Gush Etzion Kfar Truman The company at both addresses folded in 2001 and is under court-ordered liquidation.
Melach Ha'aretz/Israel Salt Co. ("Salt of the Earth") Salt Kibbutz Kalia Atlit
Frid Quilts Ariel Petach Tikva Company website provides only Petach Tikva address, noting that the company was founded there and in 2000 it "built a larger and modern plant" but without disclosing the location. In advertisements in newspapers Frid lists the addresses of shops all over the country where its products are sold, without providing the address of its factory.