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Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Or Novea Glass art/interior design Tekoa
Orly Shalem - Abstract Painting Paintings for private homes, businesses and public institutions Nili
Ach Tov Le'yisrael Music and amplification for events Bney Dekalim
Eliezer Nissim - Jewish Art Arts Ofra
Jewish Art Binyamin Arts Kochav Yakov
Erwin Tse'ela Ceramics Mitspe Shalem
Erlich Eliezer Ceramics Megilot
Asher Shravim Woodwork Almog
Buba Shel Sipur Handmade gifts Nilli
Benny Tsadok Jewelry manufacture and sales Gilgal
Beshem Ha'omanut Website for new artists to display their work Ariel
Bat Kol Productions Event production Revava "Events with unique Jewish content"
Gitti Kushland Art, Judaica Psagot
Gershon Kramer Woodwork Ofra
Groshko Vladimir Painting Ma'aleh Efraim
Derech Ha'meshi (Silk Road) Painting on silk, teffilin bags, lampshades Psagot
Hagit the Artist Murals Aley
Chut Ha'shani Ltd. (The Red Thread Ltd.) Carpets Karney Shomron
Hanna Nussbaum Painting Alon Shvut
Hanni Ken-Zada Stained glass Talmon
Tuvya Temple Products Judaica, souvenirs, gifts Shilo industrial zone "Products in the spirit of Judaism, the Temple and Jerusalem"
Tal Systems Ltd. Distribution of material about Judaism through electronic computer media Paduel
Tali Lev - Woodwork Woodwork Jordan Valley
Tapiro Tsiporah Woodwork, glass art and jewelry Ma'aleh Efraim
Yoel Ziv Sculpture and artistic design Megilot
Yossi Sagie Judaica and jewelry design Anatot
Yoram Sheffer Film production Rotem
Yelena Ostrovsky Clay products Ma'aleh Efraim
Yetsirot Be'kesef Silver arts Nachliel
Meshiv Ha'ruach Band Music Efrat
Liav and Rutie Marmor Painting, aromatic soaps, jewelry, utensil coating, talismans, paper mache sculpture Ro'i
Lizette Yakobovitz Jaudaica art on glass Gitit
Meirav Designs Art and design Nofey Prat
Makor Ha'ceramika Ceramics, Judaica, mezuzot Nofey Prat
Margalit Applebaum - Jewelry Earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces Aley
Na'im Le'hakir Murals/painting on shirts Yitzhar </nowiki>
Sifrey Kodesh - The People of Israel's Library religious books Ariel
Skorpin - Graphic Design Studio Graphics Alfey Menashe
Sergio Glazer Painting, drawing Rimonim
Adina Blau Jewelry production and sales Fatsa'el
Itsuv Be'etz Wood designs Hemdat
Etz Ha'rimon - Shlomo Borush Jewelry, silver Ma'aleh Mikhmash
Payer Israel Glass Ltd./Tohikon Art/glass Ma'aleh Efraim
Pisul Be'kadim Ceramics Nativ Ha'gdud
Pisul Be'etz Wood art Mechola
Florian Miryam Ceramics Rimonim
Psifas (Mosaic) Band and Theater Musical band, theater for schools Karney Shomron/ Paduel
Ashwal Murals Paintings and murals - charcoal, acrylic, oil Rotem
Tzameret Ha Ilan/Israel Wood Art Wood art Beit El
Kol Ha'shomea DJ, music for events Shavey Shomron
Kolnoa Gadol Me'hachaim Screenplays and short film production Neguhot
Katy Carner - Sculpture Sculpture Kfar Adumim
Karin Graphic Design Graphic Design Nativ Ha'gdud
Resheet - Design Studio Design Amona
Raveh Graphic Design Graphic design Alon
Rothschild Tsilli Jewelry Jordan Valley
Ruth Pasder Art and Judaica Ofra
Racheli Designs/Eyal Racheli Designs Psagot
Rimon Gifts Artisan items Efrat Ma'aleh Levona
Raffi Landau Art, jewelry, religious objects silversmith Kfar Adumim
Shoham Simchi Jewelry, manufacture and repair of silverware Kochav Yakov
Shir Rosemary Jewelry designer Fatsa'el
Snir Designs Design Oranit
Audio TheaterAvot Ha'uma ("Fathers of the Nation") Theater Nerya (North Talmon) "Plays faithful to the words of the Sages and based on the learnings of the Exegesis and the Commentators"
Mofash Theater Children's theater}} Tapuach
Tachlit Theater Stand-up performance for women Beit El
Tamar Spiro Ornate calligraphy, paintings Shilo
Tiferet Jewish Art Art, paintings, Judaica Beit El
Hebron Teffilin ("Hebron Phylacteries") Teffilin Kiryat Arba industrial park Operate visitors' center and Judaica shop
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