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Architecture, Construction, Real Estate

Company/Business Product/Service Location Notes (1) Notes (2)
Admoni 2000 Cement transporting Oranit
Or Itum ("Or Sealing") High-rise work and sealing buildings Ma'aleh Adumim
Or Novea Interior design/glass art Tekoa
Oren Plumbing and Renovations Building additions, renovations Ateret
Ella Ben-Nun Architect Aley Zahav
Alonim Ma'aleh Shomron Light construction Ma'aleh Shomron
Aminut Habarzel Welding, building support, hanging balconies Mishor Adumim industrial zone
Amir Chelouche Architecture and interior design Revava
Assaf Ben Dor Architecture and planning Har Gilo
Effi Katz-Construction supervisor Planning and construction supervisor Havat Ya'ir
Afik Architecture and Interior Design Architecture Karney Shomron
Arazim-Tidhar Planning and construction Ma'aleh Shomron
A.S. Fire Power Ltd. Fire/smoke detection systems, extinguishers Magshimim
Woodwork Pergolas and Decks ("Bniya Be'etz") Pergolas and decks Aley
Binyan Ha'aretz Technical and construction supplies Yitzhar/Shilo
Bracha Building and Development Ltd. Building and development Shilo
Barkalit Ltd. Development Barkan industrial zone
Gezuztra-Architecture and Interior Design Architectural planning Ofra?Har Bracha
Galia Real Estate Agent, Marketing Real estate agency Oranit
David Agronionik Skeleton construction, construction and renovations Ma'aleh Yisrael "Hebrew labor at competitive prices"
Deutch Zaltzman Architects Architecture Alon Shvut
Dina Levine Architecture Karney Shomron
Ha'meir Electrical engineering Electrical engineering Shilo
Yossi Hovalot (Movers) Movers Ariel
Hod Construction Conventional, light and industrial building, green building, frames, cement and finishing Kida "Hebrew labor
Kfar Tapuach Movers-Shmuel Herzlich Moving, storage, packing Kfar Tapuach "Only Jewish workers"
Hod Bniya Conventional, light and industrial construction, green construction, frames, plastering and finishing Kida "Hebrew labor"
Hendler Projects Construction projects Karney Shomron
Harduf - General Contracting Light construction and wood work Maskiot
Har Tuv Matanya Landscaping Barkan industrial zone
Migron Shower Installation Installing showers Migron "Hebrew labor"
Bedek Bayit Video Home inspections by construction engineer Ariel
Room 21 Interior design Aley
Chaim Mellon Construction engineer Alon Shvut
Halom Be'tseva ("Dream in Color") Construction and renovations Ariel
Y.H. Architecture/Harel Yehuda Architecture Kiryat Netafim
Ya'ir Shalom Concrete Pump Concrete pumps Yitzhar "Service, reliability, professionalism, Hebrew labor"
Yam Real Estate Real estate agency Beit El
Lachlom Be'etz (Dream in Wood) Wood structures Adey-Ad, Shilo Advertises on "Hebrew Labor" website
Latset Me Ha'ribua ("Out of the Square") Construction Barkan
Leshem Interior design Kedumim
Mabatim Construction and design Oranit
Madlik Electricity and Renovations Electricity and renovations Elazar "Hebrew labor"
Mehandesey Binyamin ("Binyamin Engineers") Planning and managing construction of private, public and industrial buildings Shvut Rachel, Kida
Gush Etzion Wood Warehouse Suppliers of wood and roofing tiles Rosh Tsurim
Mittleman Real estate appraiser Sha'arey Tikva Self-described "Appraisal agency - specializing in the Judea and Samaria area and the borderline"
Michal Hayoun Architecture and Interior Design Architecture and interior design Kochav Ya'akov
Melechet Ha'bniya - Big at Small Details Renovations and building additions Kiryat Arba
Malter Systems CC TV cameras, alarms, intercom Elon Moreh Susiya
M.A. Harel Construction and renovations Oranit
Mifratz Earth work, crane, debris removal Yitzhar
Beth-El Stones/Matziv Natural Stone Ltd. Split stone products Mishor Adumim industrial zone
Samaria Real Estate ("Nadlan Ha'shomron") Real estate Ariel
Nurit Sadeh - Architectural Planning Architecture and interior design Sha'arey Tikva
Noah Gedalya Architecture Revava
Nilli Haviv Architecture and interior design Beit Ariyeh
Nitzan Hashiloni Architecture and Enterprises Architecture Shilo
Sun City Solar Systems Home and commercial solar systems Elon Moreh
Sima Sonkin Architecture, Design and Art Ltd. Architecture and interior design Nerya
Avoda Yehudit ("Jewish Labor") Electrical, construction, renovations Avney Hefets "Jewish labor, with you all the way"
Avodot Be'etz (Woodwork) Pergolas and Decks Woodwork Avigail
Yitzhar Earth Work Earth work Yitzhar "Hebrew labor only"
Ofer - Monitoring and Electric Systems Electricity and communications infrastructures Ma'aleh Levona
Effer Ha'aretz Earth work, development and infrastructures Rimonim
Ofra Arnon Architecture and Interior Design Real estate - consulting, marketing and entrepreneurship Neve Tsuf-Halamish
Etz Efraim Woodwork Kfar Tapuach
Prima Barak Architects and Designers Architecture and interior design Ariel
Z.V. Roofs and Construction Ltd. Tiled roofs and light roofs, produces and installs drains Neve Tsuf
Tsurel-The Bridge ("Israel-Diaspora Relations") Real estate, consulting, recruiting and placement in education, tour organizers ("in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism") Elazar "We will help you profit from income-generating real estate in the USA"
Tsilum Ha'shomron ("Samaria Photography") For builders - photocopying blueprints, work plans and maps Karney Shomron
Tsarfati Construction Services Building contractor Shvut Rachel (Kida) "Hebrew labor"
Keren Orr Architecture and interior design Ma'aleh Shomron
Reuven Cohen Real Estate Assessing and Property Management Real estate assessing and property management Ariel "Uniquely specializing in assessing the value of properties in Ariel and Samaria"
Reviva - Green and Accessible Architecture Architecture Ma'aleh Shomron
Ruchama Meislish Architecture and interior design Elkana
Rina Fennech Architecture Planning and designing homes and public buildings, including building permits Sha'ar Binyamin/Atarot
Ram Plaster Work Plaster work Yeshuv Ha'da'at Farm
Ramat Trom Prefabricated construction Mishor Adumim industrial zone
Raphael Deloya Real estate assessor Har Bracha
Shavlav - Tratner Architecture and Interior Design Ma'aleh Shomron
Shuki Properties and Investments Real estate Oranit
Shilo Ben-Moshe - Architecture and Interior Design Yakir
Shiputz Yadei Zahav ("Golden Hands Renovation") Planning and executing light construction Etz Efraim
Shlom-Bayit Planning and executing light construction Tekoa
Sra Manela Architecture Karney Shomron
Beit-El Agents Real estate agents: apartments, plots, projects Beit-El
Ha'mal'ach Agents Selling and leasing houses Efrat, Elazar, Neve Daniel, Alon Shvut